The classic Turkish game of Okey has captured the imagination of online gamers. Fun, exciting and brain-teasing, it provides hours of entertainment. The physical game has been played in homes and coffee-houses for as long as card and tile games have been in existence. In its online format, Okey’s popularity continues. Today, the potentially addictive game is delighting gaming enthusiasts all over the world.

Okey is a game that can be played by up to four players. It comprises of 106 tiles - including two jokers - numbered from 1 to 13. The objective is to be the first to eliminate all the tiles in a hand. The game ends when the winner exposes all his/her tiles arranged as sets, runs or 7 identical pairs. The jokers can be used as substitutes for tiles to form pairs.


Okey is surprisingly very popular in many countries. Our Okey game comes in 9 languages: English, German, Turkish, Russian, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish.

Multi platform

We support all formats with native code: rocabee Okey will come in Web HTML5, Facebook, Apple iOS and Google Android. We will setup and publish the game for you in any store you desire.


Like all other rocabee white label games, Okey is highly customisable to your requirements. Keep the dice animations on or switch them off. Keep the numbers on the pips permanently displayed. Enjoy the flexibility to tweak features to suit your preferences. 


Our backoffice gives you the statistics to analyse the performance of the games and the players. All game play data - every single round - is saved securely and can be accessed at any time.


The games are designed to be easily integrated into your environment. Our backend is well documented and our staff is well trained so you can be up and running in no time!


Our white label gaming solutions adhere to the highest standards and industry best practices. rocabee Okey delivers a high-quality and secure gaming experience. 


Okey is a very simple game and popular among all generations. The easiness of the game makes it so sticky. With our Okey version we have designed a version where the players have a perspective that looks like the real game.

An aesthetic and intuitive design helps players settle in within no time at all. The lobby connects all the players with each other. Waiting tables can be viewed and joined to start the game immediately. The lobby can be adjusted to align with your requirements. Thanks to the ease and comfort of getting started with rocabee Okey, players can focus solely on their performance. 

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