Licci Club

About 45 percent of those who participated in a survey on online dating said that online gaming could be a great approach to meeting new people. So the stakes for online dating games seem to be quite high. Give yourself a chance to meet the most interesting people through Licci Club, a premier online dating game, especially designed to make online dating more fun and successful!


The ‘dating through playing’ concept is the freshest dating approach in the market and is backed by a reasonable amount of research all over the world. With Licci Club one can find a partner while having a ball playing exciting games.

Premium features

You will find that several dating game platforms end up offering the purchase of digital items or features within the game. This further encourages people to interact and mingle. Items could include red roses, superlikes etc. and a user can purchase them and send to a gaming partner or user.

You will find that the Licci Club has a very simple and user-friendly interface and can be operated with absolute ease. The swiping of profiles is very similar to that of Tinder. Also, you can unlock the profile of other Licci players and get in touch with them if you find them interesting. The chat feature allows you to play games and meet new people simultaneously. In addition to this, you can boost your matching chances by answering questions for our match algorithm!


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