Keno - Casino Game

If you’re a Casino fan, then Lucky Keno is the game for you. This is a modern version of the very popular Keno game and is centered on 80 numbers and 20 balls which are drawn in each round. A player can select a number in the range of 1 to 15 in ever round.

Extra Ball Feature

Here is an interesting twist that makes Lucy Keno a super exciting Casino game. As a player, you can buy an additional ball when a round ends. Just before the round gets over, you can offer the ball for a special fixed price and add an extra element of luck to the game. It is possible to add a maximum of 10 extra balls in each round, so players get a chance to be higher on the payout list!


There are three available versions of the Lucky Keno game:

  • A version that is displayed on browsers accessed from desktop computers.
  • A mobile optimized version holding the smartphone in landscape mode.
  • A mobile optimized version holding the smartphone in portrait mode.

in cooperation with Leander Games

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