Hot Air Solitaire is a British themed twist on traditional solitaire, in which you simply need to combine the main card next to the stack with one higher or lower card on the game field.

Just remember: the longer your chain of cards, the higher your score will be and consequently, the happier Sir Richard Dandy will be in his hot air balloon floating above London.

solitair hot air

How to play 

Hot Air Solitaire is a version of golf solitaire: your goal is to combine the card next to the stack with the cards in the field in one higher or lower value. For example, the 3 can be combined with both the 4 and the 2. Your combo meter will be bigger if you have a longer chain of cards, allowing you to earn more points for your score.

Don’t forget about the jokers: they can be useful since you can combine them with any card in the game!

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